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A little slice of history
is the inspiration behind our name

The story of Yosemite and the connection with our Valley goes back to the historic logging days of the early 1900's. What we now call Shepherd Avenue was once the route traveled by timber from the areas surrounding Yosemite heading for the Sugar Pine Lumber Co. in Pinedale.

We’re Fresno grown

We are Fresno grown and proud of our connection to the history and people of our valley. It is our desire that this unique relationship shines through in every dining experience.

We set out to create a memorable dining experience here at "the ranch" and I think we got it. This place is a culmination of many years of experience and the results end up on your plate with a great meal at a fantastic value. We know that ultimately we'll be remembered for our food, and we would not want it any other way. The main reason is that we are Fresno grown, with a local, over-the-top commitment that you won't find at the major chains. On behalf of our staff, come in and enjoy!

Yosemite, easily one of the most beautiful places to visit – and right here in our own backyard – is the backdrop for a memorable dining experience. It is our vision to bring a bit of the splendor of Yosemite right here to the corner of Cedar and Shepherd. We have spent some time in Yosemite to bring back the authentic finishes and aesthetic elements that surround your dining experience, which by the way is why we are all here. Our friendly staff is truly committed to providing outstanding service and you'll know we are family the minute you step inside.

We know that ultimately we will be judged by what comes out of the kitchen, so we've gone to great lengths to develop dishes unique to Yosemite Ranch. It all starts from scratch of course, and prepared with those special touches we are proud to call our own. Our chefs understand it's all about flavor and the subtle nuances that creates a dish worth coming back for. The freshest ingredients served the best way possible – that's the tradition here at The Ranch!

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